How Do You Choose Your Holiday Gifts?
How to create your holiday gift list in 2020
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Summer Promotions to Make you Stand Out
Ideas for summer promotions tat will make you stand out from the crowd
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Recently a client was excitedly talking about a Social Media Marketing book. They suggested that we follow the information in the book to market their new product. Even though I was skeptical I figured that if this was what the client wanted I had better read the book. I was on the first page when I...

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Just Pick Up the Phone

If I had a dime for every client and prospect who came to me complaining, in the last year, that despite their best marketing efforts their project wasn’t working or their company wasn’t growing, I could retire.

In each of these cases, when we drilled down to look at what they were doing we discovere...

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Promotional Products and Politics

The election season is in full swing and while we are all being bombarded with the Presidential Election and the adventures of the two candidates, there are many local elections that will have more of an impact on your day to day life.  No one in the Federal Government is going to determine wha...

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When you make the decision to re-brand your packaging you run the risk of losing customers. Not because they no longer like your product. After all the contents have not changed. The taste, or the effectiveness of your product is still the same. You risk losing customers because they do not know tha...

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Networking is just that – Work.  Just showing up is not king to produce results.  You need to have a plan and follow through with it.  We have talked about follow up plans and effective follow up in previous posts. Now let’s look at what it takes to be successful i...

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Amidst all of the holiday parties now is the time to plan for a full pipeline and surpassing the quotas in the coming year.

Sales and marketing get more intertwined everyday.

Social Selling is still being held up as the way of the future. The whispers that Cold Calling is dead are still being hea...

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One of the first things to do in the new year is to review the goals from the previous year and reward those who met their quota, saved the company money or what ever other metrics you put in place a year ago when you created your company goals. Awards and recognition programs can also apply in...

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Most sales trainers advise that you need a varied system to reach your prospects today.  One of the methods that you can use is snail mail.  Because so few people use it anymore your envelope gets extra notice and that is the point – to catch your prospect’s attention so that you can sched...

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