Case Histories and Ideas to Spark Your Next Promotion

Many people think that choosing their promotional products is all about the product. This is not the case. It is all about conveying your marketing message. Here are three examples of how three different clients used the same product to convey different messages on different occasions.

The first is a large non-profit. They were looking for a gift to gift major donors at an upcoming dinner. We chose binoculars. They were printed with the non-profit’s logo and wrapped with a card saying Thank you for helping us reach this milestone. We are looking forward to the future.” The gift was extremely well received and made a great memento and reminder to give additional gifts to the charity.

The second was an international real estate development company that was hosting a party to launch their latest development project. A key feature of the project was the view. The binoculars made a perfect gift to remind investors that the view was what would fill the space.

The third was a NYC hotel looking for a holiday gift to give their corporate travel partners. Binoculars were chosen to highlight the fabulous view from their magnificent rooftop garden. Of course, imprinted with their logo, each time the recipient used the binoculars they were reminded of a key feature of the hotel.

One product, three uses, because it is not just about the product, it is about the message.

Event Napkins

These napkins featured the event's signature drink. They were handed out at each bar station at the event.  The drink was always the talk of this company's events and gave people an ice breaker for conversations.

Trade Show Program

The goal was to drive additional traffic to the trade show booth.  This was accomplished with a pre-show mailer that increased traffic by 40%. The client mailed the napkin, a fork and the napkin ring in a tube to all of the show attendees.  They were told to bring the napkin ring to the booth so that they could have their cake and eat it too.  When attendees arrived at the booth they were served a slice of green marble cheesecake on a paper plate fitted inside the flyer which was made of recycled plastic reinforcing the company philosophy of socially and environmentally responsible investing

Employee Motivation

The administrative staff was looking for a way to motivate hospital employees to contribute ideas to save money and improve patient care.  Each employee was given a mug making the employees feel valued.  A bonus: The Styrofoam cups were a thing of the past saving money in the department budgets

Holiday Gift

The Equity Capital firm wanted a gift that both reflected their brand and featured the products of the companies that they owned.  We packaged a selection of the products in their portfolio along with a spa towel with the Equity firm logo with which everyone could celebrate the holidays

Communicating with Style

The client was looking for a way to communicate their brand while having a unique way to send hand written notes that would be kept.  These 25 sheet post-it notes are useful and when the note on the top sheet is pulled off the recipient is left with 24 post-its to use, further spreading your your brand message

Investor Gifts

The client was looking for a way to continue using the images of a set of limited edition lithographs that they had commissioned.  We took the images and created table mats and coaster sets.  These sets were given to the investors and bankers who had taken part in many of the company's deals in the previous year.  The goodwill generated by this gift helped the company get favorable terms from several of their bankers for the following six months.