Summer Promotions to Make you Stand Out

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Every year as the summer season rolls around, we get phone calls for some basic staples – Golf Balls, Sunscreen, Beach Towels, Cooler Bags and Sunglasses among others.  For some clients those are the perfect items.  Those products convey the client brand message and the recipients love them.  For others though, there are many other possibilities. Following are a few do’s and better to skip this year summer promotion ideas along with a couple of ideas of how to make the products work best for you.Golf Balls:

Skip it. Why?  Because most of the players at your typical corporate golf outing are not single digit handicappers, they are outing players – in other words they come to a couple of outings each year looking to network.  A great thing for them to do to grow their business and a great business booster if you are the host company.  But these golfers are likely to loose more golf balls than they end up with, so spend your promotional dollars on something that is sure to stay in their golf bags.  Here are a couple of ideas:

Beach Towels:

It depends what you do with it.  If all you are going to do is use a basic, under $10 white towel and throw your one color logo on it then SKIP IT.  If, however, you are going to do a nice velour towel with a full color imprint that conveys your brand message and will be used all summer long then go for it. Here is one that we did many years ago (1989) when the technology for printing in full color on towels was not as good. As you can see it was a good towel and has been used for all of those years. In fact the towel outlasted the company that had been founded in the early 1900’s.

 Six-Pack Cooler Bags:

Skip it – the ubiquitous six-pack cooler bag is an overused item as a summer promotion.  It is a good back to school or corporate healthy eating item.  It is also great for safety programs and programs that aim to lower health insurance costs.  As for a summer promo – BORING.  If you want to give a cooler for a summer promotion use one that is unique and has special features that match the season.

picnic coolers (1)

If you don’t want to waste your time searching online for what to give out, you can always schedule a call with us and our promotional product speacialists with more than 30 years of experience will be happy to help you.

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