Promotional Products and Politics

15.12.19 10:32 PM Comment(s)

The election season is in full swing and while we are all being bombarded with the Presidential Election and the adventures of the two candidates, there are many local elections that will have more of an impact on your day to day life.  No one in the Federal Government is going to determine what days you have garbage pick-up or how many hours the library should be open or even if the roads should be repaved.  These issues along with staffing levels for police and fire, school system mechanics and even property taxes are all determined on the state or more often local level.  It is these elections – town council, mayor, city council, judges and more that every vote truly counts and just a handful of people showing up or not can change the outcome.

Most people running for local office have a total budget for their entire campaign that consists of less than a presidential candidate will spend on one thirty second spot on TV.  Therefore, maximizing the budget becomes of utmost importance. Instead of air or even print media by taking the budget and putting it into promotional products you can maximize your budget and your results.

An Advertising Specialty Institute survey found:

  • Promotional products increase awareness of the candidate and can influence one in four votes.
  • Items that are useful and not perceived as pricey should be used.
  • Half of the respondents that took action from receiving a promotional product visited the candidate’s web site.
  • Nearly one-quarter of Democrats and males donated money after getting a promotional item.
  • Over 60% felt a product should be Eco-Friendly.
  • Preferences for which promotional item to use varied with writing instruments appealing to Republicans and Independents and apparel items appealing to Democrats.

Of course, there are also many options for using American made products and union factories are also available to help produce those items that can give you name recognition and even help you win the election.