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Recently a client was excitedly talking about a Social Media Marketing book. They suggested that we follow the information in the book to market their new product. Even though I was skeptical I figured that if this was what the client wanted I had better read the book. I was on the first page when I...

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Amidst all of the holiday parties now is the time to plan for a full pipeline and surpassing the quotas in the coming year.

Sales and marketing get more intertwined everyday.

Social Selling is still being held up as the way of the future. The whispers that Cold Calling is dead are still being hea...

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Many years into the social selling concept, one of the most often heard questions still posed to Social Media trainers, strategists and agencies is “Do I have to be everywhere?”. While many agencies and consultants try to get their clients to have a presence everywhere, I think that is a big mistake...

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