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Promotional Products and Politics

The election season is in full swing and while we are all being bombarded with the Presidential Election and the adventures of the two candidates, there are many local elections that will have more of an impact on your day to day life.  No one in the Federal Government is going to determine wha...

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When you make the decision to re-brand your packaging you run the risk of losing customers. Not because they no longer like your product. After all the contents have not changed. The taste, or the effectiveness of your product is still the same. You risk losing customers because they do not know tha...

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Networking is just that – Work.  Just showing up is not king to produce results.  You need to have a plan and follow through with it.  We have talked about follow up plans and effective follow up in previous posts. Now let’s look at what it takes to be successful i...

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You are moving your office or your store or even your warehouse location.  How do you let everyone know where to find you?

Of course, you will update your information on your website and all of your social media profiles.  Next you will print new business cards reflecting the updated inform...

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