Awards and Recognition – Different Ways to Say “You Did It”

15.12.19 04:35 AM Comment(s)

One of the first things to do in the new year is to review the goals from the previous year and reward those who met their quota, saved the company money or what ever other metrics you put in place a year ago when you created your company goals. 

Awards and recognition programs can also apply in the non-profit world where donors are recognized for their gifts and volunteers are recognized for their time effort and energy.

Below are a number of our favorite award and recognition pieces.  There are awards in many price ranges and all are available with customization to recognize the achievement.  

Above is a selection of desk or shelf crystal blocks.  There are literally hundreds of styles in this category.  To see more click the button. 

Event awards are also a great opportunity to recognize people and speread your brand mesage

Awards can also be functional pieces that get used on a frequent basis