Awards and Recognition – 5 Ways to Say “You Did It”

15.12.19 04:35 AM Comment(s)

One of the first things to do in the new year is to review the goals from the previous year and reward those who met their quota, saved the company money or what ever other metrics you put in place a year ago when you created your company goals. Awards and recognition programs can also apply in the non-profit world where donors are recognized for their gifts and volunteers are recognized for their time effort and energy.

Below are five of our favorite award and recognition pieces.  They are in several price ranges and all are available with customization to recognize the achievement.

Optical Crystal Award

These crystal pieces designed by Susan Jacobs Lockhart give you a chance to reward and make a contribution at the same time. A $10 contribution will be made to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture on behalf of your purchase. A romance booklet about this award and your donation is included for your presentation.

Crystal Vase with Deep Etch

Want your award to be functional? Consider using a vase, pitcher, plate or other useful piece of crystal.  Etched with your message it is sure to earn a place of prominence in the recipient’s home or office.

Custom Loving Cup in Glass

More of a traditionalist?  Go for a traditional style loving cup award in an updated hand blown version.  You can customize the piece with the name date and event or program for the winner.

Cabernet Hill Wine Bar

Looking to do something a bit more unique that a traditional trophy or award?  How about an incentive piece like this wine bar by Howard Miller?  You can ad a plate that notes why the recipient won.  Something like this is sure to get everyone geared up to meet the quote or have the highest sales this coming year.

Marble Awards

Made of ground marble these molded awards  come in traditional shapes such as the one pictured above or you can create your own shapes to mirror your product or building.  Molding the shape of the building is particularly nice if you are a non-profit with a distinctive building or if you want to acknowledge donors for a building campaign.

These are just a few of the many awards that we have available.  Find more on our crystal site, or call for a custom proposal created to match your needs.